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The lot located at 286 Alvaro Obregon Avenue in Mexico City, Mexico, May 25, 2018. A proposed monument to be built on this site of a collapsed building near the center of Mexico City in honor of the victims of the Sept. 19, 2017, earthquake is sparking controversy among activist groups almost nine months after the earthquake struck. EFE

The movement opposing the memorial claims that the government is pushing aside necessary investigative measures to determine why exactly the building collapsed. 

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Tromenta Harvey: empresas Google y Apple ponen tecnología para ayudar a víctimas

 08/28/2017 - 06:49
Spectators view the submerged highway interchange of Interstate 10 at Post Oak Road during a break in the rain in Houston, Texas, USA, 27 August 2017. EPA/MICHAEL WYKE

El buscador de Google despliega varios apartados al buscar "Huracán" o "Tormenta tropical" Harvey, comenzando por una tarjeta con una concisa "Alerta SOS" sobre la categoría del ciclón y su localización que se puede compartir en redes sociales.

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